Tiger King of the Golden Jungle Tiger King Dove

The Reviews

“Tiger...what a wonderful way to introduce a proper perspective on our responsibility to be good caretakers of the planet God gave us. This story is not just engaging, it’s full of information, suspense and intrigue.”
Christian Hidalgo, Principal - Navigation Advertising Tennessee, USA.

"A good read,"
Kath Moore, English teacher and Book Club member, Australia.

"Touching, witty, humorous"
Dennis Wong, Lecturer, Malaysia.

"This is is a timely novel and I highly recommend it..
Sarah Young, Author, USA.

"Not being a fiction reader I surprised myself by finishing the book over two days. Once I got into the story - I found it hard to put it down."
Peter Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Blue Ocean Strategy, Regional Centre.

"I found it a highly intelligent book with a very eloquent description of nature...I was struck by the “animal-speak.”
Dr Norfadzillah, University Professor, Malaysia.

"Here is a rare contextualized novel for sensitive and insightful engagement."
Daniel Ho, Senior Pastor,DUMC, Malaysia.

"A truly international novel with a global outlook and a local perspective."
David Wong, CEO, Tupperware, Malaysia.

"Being in the corporate world I believe in good management. I find the author’s ideas on good governance and leadership in the novel inspiring."
Dato Peter Ng, Corporate President, Malaysia.

"A good yarn..."
Sandy Fairservice, Editor, New Zealand.

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